LanToucher Messenger

LanToucher Messenger 1.471

An instant message software for home or corporate use

LanToucher Messenger is an instant message software which is very easy to use and lets the user see the presence of their favourite contacts, send and exchange instant messages to just selected users as well as pre-set groups. To use LanToucher Messenger you won't need a dedicated server or internet connection. You only need to be connected to your local network for the software to connect you to your colleagues or friends. LanToucher Messenger allows you to customize your contacts with personal avatars, sounds and message text. The software is fully supported by Windows Terminal Services (TS), Remote Desktop (RDP) and the Fast User Switching available in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This makes is easy for users of the same PC or terminal server client to log in to their own user and be able to use the software to its full ability, exchanging messages with other people that are connected. LanToucher Messenger is a solution for sending instant messages over a LAN.